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Plans Available

Plan A Labor Cost

  • 1. A Promotional Landing Page of 3 sections pages (Home, about, services) if you need extra pages, it will cost $20.00 per pages
  • 2. data update $20.00 per update
  • 3. Contact Support

Plan C Labor Cost

  • 1. Promotional Landing Page of 7 sections pages.
  • 2. data update $60.00 per update
  • 3. Contact Support

Commission Opportunities

Plan A Commission

  • If your referal choose to this one You will make $80.00

Plan C Commission

  • If your lead choose to this one You will make $140.00

Make Extra Cash

Make Extra CashMake Extra Cash

Help your self by helping others

If you know anyone who might need help to create a PW (Promotional website) for their business or social organization and they do not know how to do it. You can help them by referring us to them and you will get from $80.00 to $140.00 ready? register Here If you want to see the potential commissions go Here

All you need to qualify is

1. A PayPal account
2. Register on our website
3. And promote our services page on all your social network and everywhere that you may.

Earn  money by doing something that you might be doing every day by giving references to a friend or family of someone else. You can use your Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter,  and put them to work by creating a link to our website. But first register Here

Referrals Dept

Thank you for wanting to be part of Affordable sites Advertisement's referrals department, just fill the form and make sure to make a note in text field of which email is your PayPal email account, so our company will keep it in record and be able to send your payment as soon as your first customer pays in full our contract. You will get a code link as an affiliate agent. Make sure to use it or we will not be able to identify you as the person who sent the referral. 

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